Submit PAD file for inclusion

Do you have a product with a PAD file that you would like to be featured on this site? To submit it, just enter the URL to that PAD file and it will be considered. All submitted PAD files are reviewed manually; therefore we do not guarantee that submitted products will be included in our listings. Due to the manual review submitted products will not show up on ShopLagom instantly, currently PAD files are usually reviewed within one week. Submitting the same file again will not speed up this process.

URL to your PAD file: 



The PAD files must adhere to some basic rules to be included at These rules are:

  • Field for Description max 250 characters must have a description of at least 50 characters. This is the field used in our listings and search results so we want more than just a few words here.
  • Field for Description max 2000 characters must have a description of at least 60 words. Don't Capitalise The First Letter Of Each Word. Don't include url's. Spell check and write in english.
  • Pornography and Casino products are excluded on sight.
  • Category should be one specified in the PAD file format description. Some PAD generators use variations of these categories, we try to include them in our script but can not guarantee success for these.
  • The e-mail address specified in the file must be working. Any developers found to have non working addresses will be excluded.

Note: The submitted PAD files are reviewed manually and may be excluded based on the information contained in the submitted PAD file or if the product does not meet guidelines including, but not limited to, those stated above.

What is a PAD File

A PAD file is an XML file containing information about a software product, most often shareware or freeware. PAD stands for Portable Application Data and the file format has existed for some years. The PAD file contains information about the product and the developer that produced it. PAD files also specifies the license type for the product, i.e. shareware, freeware or commercial. In a PAD file it is also possible to specify product descriptions in different languages.

PAD files have become popular because they make it much easier to submit software to sites like Instead of filling similar web forms on many sites, the developer submits the PAD file and all or most of the necessary information gets extracted automatically. Submitting a PAD file is much easier than the traditional submit procedure.

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